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11 juin 2008

Island of souls...

Island of souls
an island of fools
in my own island
i drink every night
and dream of a future
of money i would raise
yesterday i slept on the sea
surrounding the island ...yes i see
i see that we'll sink
searching the unreachable
everyday i cry when i think of our future
soon will come a day
when our world will be broken
then we'll launch a ship out of the island
tell me yes tell me.... you
that are left on a desolate shore to a future
you despratly wanted to see
one day the great one will dream of ship
that will carry all of us
and that will take us to another island
is it possible or unspoken
is it true or increadible
only time will tell us about our destiny
our future is on our hands but
who can tell if we will survive....

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